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The time was here and the opportunity as well, after many years in the domain of IT, leadership and organization I took the step and started my own company, xHenBer AB.

After +19 years in the IT-industry/domain my great passion for business, leadership and organization optimization issues combined with my hands-on experience from a wide variety of projects makes me a an ideal candidate for challenging projects/assignments with a need of a strong pro-active leader.

The company has relations with several och the considerable organizations and consultant brokers on the market in different geographic areas.


Strategy and tactics

My main focus is to understand and fully grasp the pains and needs of my customers into an uncomplicated and efficient solution moving away from complexity and getting down to business.

What and how does the process End 2 End look like and how can it be optimized enough to get the needed result.


Program / Project management

The interest in project management started early. Somehow, I have always tried to solve the puzzle how to crack the nut in the easiest and most efficient way and make how that. Project management for me is one way how to show progress and result in my assignments.

I have educated me in project and program management through IHM Business school, Connecta and serval PPS @Tieto.


I have been working in consultancy roles for in my entire career. This has given me rare opportunists to see how several other organizations has managed their strengths and weaknesses. When I show up in a new role, I will contribute with the full scale from my entire “library” of solutions and my professional network.  


Throughout my career I tended to understand the power and positive effects of using and adopting values.


Common sense; Hard to argue against, what is reasonable and  viable, and how can it bring us closer to the goal and result?

Passion an humble; Be passionated and  humble towards the task/assignment and together with the people around me to reach the goal and result.

Integrity; Neutral Adviser in all situations.


This is the values I use a foundation, and with them adopt and relate to my present customer/assignments .




My vision is to make different and be a difference in my assignments.  I´ll play the necessary role to reach a goal or result  in a consensus with the customer.


"To reach point C you need to know where A and B is."

I won´t wait for everything. I´ll try to create conditions and fill in the gaps that is needed to reach a result and goal. Some guidance and basic condistions is of course always necessary, but otherwise I can work independently. 

My philosophy when starting a new assignment is orientate me of the current ecosystem around me. Understand the goal and result, the people around me, organization, decisions-makers and how they/it relates to the goal and result.

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